Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Love, true love.

About a month ago, I saw the commercial for the Ped Egg. And let's just say, "Ewwwww," at the part where they open up the scraper thingy and show you what's inside. Which would be... lots and lots of foot scraping dust.

Personally, my feet don't get all dry and gross. They're quite soft and callous free. But, that's because I'm a weirdo and wear shoes, socks, or slippers all the time. If I'm at home all day, it's socks in the slippers. You know, just in case I want to kick the slippers off and put my feet on the couch. I understand that this is NOT NORMAL, but there you have it. And just for the record? I'd really rather not see your tootsies, or have them anywhere near me. And really not on my furniture. (Hi, Mom!)

My husband's feet? They are not so nice. Oh, my scritchy scratchy get 'em away from me. (And his big toes are shaped like McNuggets. His toe shape isn't important to the story, though.)

Why am I telling you this?

Because he bought me a Ped Egg for Valentine's Day. Seriously. It was nestled right in the bag with my candy and card.


I'd shown him the commercial because it was so icky, and because I saw the Ped Egg in the "As Seen on TV" section at Walgreens. While he was doing his (last minute, ahem) card shopping, inspiration hit! He thought that it would be funny to get me a Ped Egg of my very own.

The real gift is that he would use it on his own feet. Ah, the romance of it all!

He'd still better not get them anywhere near me.

Friday, February 22, 2008

And that's today. So far.

  1. Woke up. Decided that I needed another 15 minutes of non-movement.
  2. Hobble-walked to bathroom for shower. Showered.
  3. Had raisin bran for breakfast.
  4. And got dressed.
  5. Dried my hair.
  6. It was really snowy, and we only have one all wheel drive car, so hubby came w/me to check out the pediatric practice and meet with one of the doctors.
  7. Doctors' office is very close to Wawa, so we made pit stop on the way home.
  8. Got big ol' frozen Coke. (Which is even better when it's snowing, btw.)
  9. Came home, sent husband to work. Bye big car!
  10. Watched dvr'd episodes of Ace of Cakes, Big Brother, Medium, and the first bit of Commanche Moon. Commanche Moon is kind of awful. But, there's a scene where Val Kilmer is in a cage. Just like in Willow!
  11. Shopping surfed websites for nursing tops.
  12. Washed clothes.
  13. Made lunch. Mmmmm, lunch. I had not one, but two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And a big ol' mug of frosty cold milk. It was extra frosty cold because I stuck it in the freezer when making the sandwiches.

And, um, yeah... The peanut butter and jelly had slices of cheddar cheese inside.

Being pregnant is awesome because I can do all of the weird stuff I normally do, and no one thinks it's bizarre.

13. Now I have to put the clothes in the dryer and wash sheets. Whee!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Even better than something sparkly for Mother's Day.

Since I got married in 1999 a lot of my friend have had weddings, too, and gone on to have kids. A lot of the time, after a new one if born, someone asks what the husband got the mom for a baby present. It's usually something sparkly... like a piece of jewelry w/the baby's birthstone.

I like the idea of something special to commemorate the hard work of actually carrying and giving birth to the baby. Especially since I'm the one who has to do it. :)

However, I think that I've actually outgrown the need for something expensive and sparkly. While sparkly is nice, it seems a bit impractical for someone who's going to be staying at home and has no fancy plans for anytime in the future. It seems a bit boring and impersonal, too, to have the same piece of jewelry that tons of other women are wearing.

I have Motherhood Uncensored on my Google Reader and today's post includes a contest for a small birth necklace by Julian & Co. How cool is this? I love that the baby's first name and all of the details people want to know (or eventually forget) are included on the pendant.