Sunday, February 03, 2008

Even better than something sparkly for Mother's Day.

Since I got married in 1999 a lot of my friend have had weddings, too, and gone on to have kids. A lot of the time, after a new one if born, someone asks what the husband got the mom for a baby present. It's usually something sparkly... like a piece of jewelry w/the baby's birthstone.

I like the idea of something special to commemorate the hard work of actually carrying and giving birth to the baby. Especially since I'm the one who has to do it. :)

However, I think that I've actually outgrown the need for something expensive and sparkly. While sparkly is nice, it seems a bit impractical for someone who's going to be staying at home and has no fancy plans for anytime in the future. It seems a bit boring and impersonal, too, to have the same piece of jewelry that tons of other women are wearing.

I have Motherhood Uncensored on my Google Reader and today's post includes a contest for a small birth necklace by Julian & Co. How cool is this? I love that the baby's first name and all of the details people want to know (or eventually forget) are included on the pendant.

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