Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Post-Bath Smiles

It's hard to get a picture of us together looking at the camera, so it was a surprise that I got this one!

My husband, Levi, is traveling for work, so his normal bath-time duties fell to me tonight. While it isn't a terribly difficult mom-duty, it's not one that I really (usually) enjoy. Honestly, I skip it a night or two when Levi's out of town and Gavin hasn't done anything too messy.

When Levi's home, this is my quiet time to read a bit, watch a few minutes of non-baby friendly tv, and just veg out. Gavin's been having an off and on fear of the shower, too, so you never know if it's going to be a total tear fest, or if he's going to want to stay in until he's a prune.

Tonight was a good night, though. We checked out, lined up, and tossed around all of his rubber ducks. And there was a whole lot of coloring on the tub and shower walls. :)

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