Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Yeah, I was cool over ten years ago.

I got a link to Sticars.com from Daily Candy. They sell cool magnets that you can stick on your car to give it personality.

I did the same thing, but with real, well, sticky stickers when I was in high school. I drove a baby blue '89 Plymouth Horizon that had a lot of personality issues, but was very cute and spunky looking after being decorated with a couple of big 70s style daisy stickers. I had a big foot wide one on the hood -- placed off to the side near the shield like a beauty mark, and another on the gas tank.

It wasn't overdone, and people smiled when I drove by (unlesss there was something noxious leaking from the car). I lived in a fairly small town back then, and all the kids at my school(s) and at our local concerts recognized the car as mine.

I don't know how much personality one can give a small SUV, but I'm thinking about trying.

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