Monday, July 27, 2009

Levi's 30th Birthday Cake

Here's a page to show off my husband's 30th birthday cake! Click the pic to get all of credit info.

Levi's birthday was in May, and I loved how his cake turned out. His favorite is white cake with white icing, which is just so boring to me. In February, I came across this blog post. I loved the pictures and how the cake looked when cut.

I was thinking about making rainbow cupcakes for my son's birthday in March, but I got really sick at the beginning of that week. His party was on Thursday, and I just wasn't up to it. So, I ended up just buying cupcakes for his party.

We had the party at Chuck E. Cheese, and that night he came down with croup! I ended up awake for hours in the middle of the night listening to him make that horrible cough, hanging out in the bathroom with the shower steaming up the room and then spending some quality time on my balcony in the cold air.

My parents and my MIL came the next day. And then when the grandparents were visiting there was too much going on so we grabbed an ice cream cake.

Obviously, this rainbow cake had been on my mind a long time! So, when Levi's birthday came around, I asked if he'd like the rainbow cake. He's usually up for anything I suggest and didn't let me down.

Instead of all that diet friendly recipe tweaking that the post up above does, I just made a regular white cake and added gel color to the batter before baking. Here's how they looked before stacking and icing.

051709 IMG_2272 051709 IMG_2273

And here's how it looked after icing, sprinkling on some candy sprinkles and adding the candles. I was a bit messy with the frosting, but it looks fun, right?

051709 IMG_2308

Birthday boy and crazy baby.

051709 IMG_2309

After cutting, it looked amazing! Check out those crumbs!

051709 IMG_2321


051709 IMG_2328

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